Trump campaign spending includes consulting by medtech exec

Also, there’s a delicious reference to “Mad Men.”

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Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has been, to put it mildly, unorthodox from day one. So perhaps it comes as no surprise to learn that the campaign paid a co-founder of a medtech nonprofit for consulting work.

Oh, you want details? Absolutely.

As has been widely reported, the Trump campaign filed its May financial statement with the Federal Election Commission on Monday. Media and pundits have been digging through the details ever since, as they do every month with major presidential candidates.

Obviously, his opponents will dig deeper, and that’s exactly what ThinkProgress — affiliated with the liberal Center for American Progress — did. ThinkProgress editor Judd Legum uncovered this gem that’s got “Mad Men” fans buzzing.

For the record, the fictional company in “Mad Men” was called Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. But, as Legum found, Draper Sterling is a real business, registered at a residential address in New Hampshire.

Roger Sterling Mad Men

Slate, another member of the secret Liberal Media Cabal™, scoured the web some more to find other tweets with evidence that Trump also paid $3,000 to a Paul Holzer for “field consulting.” On Trump’s FEC filing, Holzer’s address is the same Londonderry, New Hampshire, house.


Holzer, according to Greene, is co-founder of XenoTherapeutics, a Boston nonprofit with a mission to “bring xeno-skin, a ready and first of its kind, live cell humanitarian device, from the laboratory to people who need it now.” (Emphasis in original.)


That Adkins family? That likely includes the other XenoTherapeutics co-founder, Jon Adkins, a veteran of the medical device industry. And Holzer? He’s also CEO of XenoTherapeutics — Greene missed that — as well as a physician and a former Navy SEAL. Both men seem to have ties to New Hampshire.

We still don’t know what “field consulting” Holzer did for Trump, but we have this additional nugget from Slate:

It’s also probably worth noting that XenoTherapeutics lists Curt Cetrulo as its chief medical officer. Cetrulo, as the company reminds us on its “Xeno in the News” page, was one of the physicians responsible for the first U.S. penis transplant. No word on whether Cetrulo is working on any medical breakthroughs for men with small hands.

Because everyone else seems to be hitting below the belt this election year.

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