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Which entrepreneurs, ideas are adding innovation to healthcare delivery for the 50+ market? You decide.

This week we invite readers to pick their favorites among entrepreneurs and ideas that are driving innovation in the healthcare delivery category.

AARPThe complexities of healthcare delivery offer numerous challenges to those entrepreneurs willing to take them on. For those startups targeting the 50+ market, the management teams need to develop solutions that embrace the diverse needs and capabilities this population represents.

Healthcare delivery entrepreneurs not only need to take what they learn from healthcare professionals on what will add value but also figure out how to design products that give serious consideration to the user experience for patients and, in many cases, their caregivers. The digital health platforms these entrepreneurs produce also need to reflect a wide range of technology ability and preferences of users.

Back in October of last year, MedCity announced that it was partnering with AARP to unearth the people, ideas, and companies that are innovating for the vital and growing 50+ market.

Since we started the nomination process, more than 150 entries were collected through November 2016. Now through stages, we want to arrive at the final 50 Innovation 50+ Leaders.

This week, we invite readers to pick their favorite nominees driving innovation in the healthcare delivery entrepreneurs and ideas category. Here are the nominees:



Click here to choose your favorites. Voting in the healthcare delivery entrepreneurs and ideas category will remain open until 8 p.m. on Feb. 15.