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Insulin dosage app developer competition heating up with latest startup launch

Amalgam Rx, founded by WellDoc co-founder and former chief medical officer Dr. Suzanne Clough and Ryan Sysko, who served as CEO at the diabetes management business, secured FDA clearance for its first app — iSage Rx.

Amalgam Rx app iTriage

Amalgam Rx app iTriage

Insulin dosage is an ongoing area of interest among digital health companies. Initiating and increasing insulin dosages represent some of the greatest challenges to help Type 2 diabetes patients manage their chronic condition. The latest business to enter this space is Amalgam Rx.

Founded by WellDoc co-founder and former chief medical officer Dr. Suzanne Clough and Ryan Sysko, who served as CEO at the diabetes management business, Amalgam Rx secured FDA clearance for its iSage app to automate titration across five types of Basal insulin,  — Lantus, Levemir, Toujeo, Tresiba and Basaglar. The idea is to provide a way to support a more timely way to tweak insulin dosage levels.

iSage Rx screenshotA description of the app in Google Play said iSage Rx also guides patients through their doctor’s care plan. Users enter their fasting blood glucose value each day and the app will display their insulin dose according to their doctor’s plan. If users take their insulin in the evening, the app displays the dose at that time. It also allows users to set up reminders to test their blood sugar and to take their basal insulin.

In a phone interview with Sysko, he said the company planned to expand to other types of insulin by the end of the year. It also is looking at applying its dosage calculator beyond insulin to support other conditions but Sysko declined to provide more details.

Although Amalgam Rx will initially offer its app to health systems, heath plans and pharmacy benefit managers for free, the plan is for health plans to pay the company based on outcomes achieved by the product

“We have created APIs and [software development kits] to integrate our platform with [others],” Sysko said. Although physicians prescribe the app it can be downloaded in iTunes and Google Play’s app store. Physicians can also reach out to the company to get training on using the app.

Sysko said that only half of the diabetes patient population reach their target levels for blood sugars.  He noted that Amalgam Rx’s product complements what other diabetes management companies such as mySugr and WellDoc have done.

In addition to Amalgam Rx, other digital health companies have shown an interest in insulin dosages.

Voluntis secured FDA clearance for its Insulia app, for Basal insulin dosages last year. It provides automated insulin dose recommendations based on the patient’s treatment plan, insulin prescription, and blood glucose goals. Patients receive coaching messages in response to blood glucose values and other diabetes-related data, the statement said. The dose adjustment algorithm is embedded in the application.

Common Sensing developed a sensor for insulin pen caps to help physicians track dosages through a clinical decision support tool.

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