Who are some of the healthcare leaders taking part in ENGAGE@HLTH?

This year, MedCity is joining forces with HLTH to roll our annual ENGAGE conference into the HLTH conference. ENGAGE@HLTH will cast a spotlight on patient engagement on October 28. Here’s a look at some of the speakers for this event.

We’re about three months away from the second annual HLTH conference October 27-30 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The conference will draw thousands of the healthcare industry’s most forward-thinking executives and spotlight leaders from different segments of healthcare such as Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Geisinger, Google, Cambia Health Solutions, Anthem, Optum, Philips, and CVS Health. The diversity of companies represented at the event reflects an intriguing development that’s become more evident in recent years  — boundaries defining the healthcare industry have been receding as retail, banking and finance, transportation, and other sectors push into healthcare.


This year, MedCity is joining forces with HLTH to roll our annual ENGAGE conference into the HLTH conference. ENGAGE@HLTH will cast a spotlight on patient engagement on October 28.

Here’s a look at some of the speakers at this event within HLTH:

  • Cris Ross, Mayo Clinic CIO Since joining the Mayo Clinic in 2012, Ross has revamped IT strategy, helped lead an enterprise-wide electronic health record convergence program, developed partnerships, and initiated major innovation programs in data, analytics, and machine learning. Prior to Mayo, he held technology and business leadership roles with Surescripts, MinuteClinic, and UnitedHealth Group. 
  • Adrienne Boissy, Cleveland Clinic Health System Patient Experience Officer, leads initiatives to improve the patient experience across the health system. She previously served as the Medical Director of the Center of Excellence in Healthcare Communication. Her team created a comprehensive program to strengthen physician and provider communication skills throughout Cleveland Clinic and has trained more than 4,000 staff physicians and house staff to date.
  • Alan Dubovsky, Cedars-Sinai Chief Patient Experience Officeris responsible for the facilitation of all patient experience strategy and operations improvements in the inpatient, ambulatory, emergency, and ancillary areas for the health system. He joined Cedars-Sinai in November, 2016, with 15 years focused on healthcare patient experience improvement. Prior to joining Cedars-Sinai, Dubovsky was with Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia, serving as the Director of Operations. In that role, Alan was responsible for the departments of patient experience, physician engagement, special constituent and international patient programs, referral management, education and training, and leadership and talent development.
  • Jeroen Tas, Philips Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, is responsible for M&A strategy planning, R&D, solutions design, medical affairs, sustainability, technology platforms, ventures and emerging businesses. Tas is responsible for creating a pipeline of innovative business propositions that leverages emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensing technologies and the Internet of Things to reinforce the company’s health propositions aimed at supporting consumers, care professionals and health systems with personalized connected health solutions. Tas joined Philips in 2011, leading IT worldwide as Group Chief Information Officer. In 2014 he became CEO of Philips Healthcare, Informatics Solutions and Services, overseeing digital health and clinical informatics. From 2016, Jeroen led the company’s Connected Care and Informatics businesses.
  • Daniel Nathrath is the CEO and co-founder Ada Healtha health tech company combining medical knowledge and bespoke AI tech to empower people to manage their health and support medical experts in clinical assessment. Nathrath is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. During his career, he’s founded several startups around the world and served as general counsel and managing director at tech firms across Denmark, Germany, the US and the UK. Daniel has also served as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. 
  • Roberta Schwartz is the Chief Innovation Officer with Houston Methodist Hospital, one of the Texas Medical Center’s founding institutions. In her role as CIO, Schwartz is responsible for advancing and expanding Houston Methodist’s digital innovation platforms, including telemedicine, AI, and big data. Prior to joining Houston Methodist, Roberta worked as director of business development for Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, as a consultant and project manager to several academic medical centers for APM/Computer Sciences Corporation, and for CMS.

Here’s a look at a couple of the other tracks at HLTH:

Generation.AI will address the intense interest around artificial intelligence in its different forms, such as machine learning and evolutionary computation. One discussion will address the roles this technology has to play in healthcare from earlier detection of disease, which can increase the success rate of treatments and provide more options for therapies. Another segment will explore how pharma companies are enlisting AI tech partnerships to potentially transform drug discovery by helping companies screen data, identify potential targets for drug development, speed up clinical trial design and recruitment, and help repurpose approved drugs for new indications.

One byproduct of the consumerization of healthcare is the push for direct-to-consumer diagnostics. Human-Centered Care will explore how this is making it easier to order tests for food sensitivity, fertility, genetics, and more, be it online or from big box stores. In one panel, executives will discuss the impact of mainstreamed home testing and the benefits (and challenges) of keeping consumers more engaged in their health.

Check back for further conference updates.


Photo: DrAfter123, Getty Images