Get ready for the second annual HLTH conference

MedCity’s patient engagement conference ENGAGE will be part of the HLTH conference for the first time this year. ENGAGE at HLTH on October 28 will feature innovators from across the health ecosystem drawing attention to innovations in care delivery, reimbursement, and health tech.

With one week to go before the kickoff of the second annual HLTH conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas October 27-30, the final agenda for the conference is now available. You can review it here.

Thousands of the healthcare industry’s most forward-thinking executives will gather for the conference, which will spotlight executives from different segments of healthcare such as Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Geisinger, Google, Cambia Health Solutions, Anthem, Optum, Philips, and CVS Health. The diversity of companies represented at the event reflects an intriguing development that’s become more evident in recent years  — boundaries defining the healthcare industry have been receding as retail, banking and finance, transportation, and other sectors push into healthcare.

MedCity’s patient engagement event ENGAGE will also be part of the HLTH conference for the first time this year. ENGAGE at HLTH on October 28 will feature innovators from across the health ecosystem drawing attention to innovations in care delivery, reimbursement, and health tech that are driving the consumerization of health. The event within the conference will spotlight several different aspects of patient engagement, such as:

Attend HLTH to hear from innovative leaders from companies like Talkspace, Cleveland Clinic, Houston Methodist Hospital and more. Register here and use code medcity150 to save $150.

How do we fix healthcare? We listen to patients. Our health system is riddled with challenges at every corner, but no single group feels the impact more acutely than patients. Hear a panel of empowered patients and enlightened companies discuss their unique health journeys and how they would like to overhaul our broken system.

Can AI chatbots help improve the patient experience? Artificial Intelligence, while questionably overhyped, is being leveraged in various aspects of health, from medical imaging to drug development to gleaning data insights and patient matching for clinical trials. Learn how AI is being utilized to engage with patients and better guide them along their health journey.

From paralysis to empowerment When a little girl became paralyzed, she and her dad jumped into action to find a solution. They set out to build a robotic exoskeleton arm brace that would attempt to pick up signals from her damaged motor neurons and use them as a control signal for the exoskeleton. Their odyssey is a testament, not only to the kindness of strangers and the indomitable will of a little girl, but also to the fact that patients can create their own personalized solutions.

HLTH will include panel discussions and speakers across 18 themes, in addition to patient engagement, such as:

Communities at the Crossroads of Health. Across the country, local, state and federal entities are aligning to organize health services and resources around the social determinants of health. One panel will spotlight Non Emergency Medical Transportation programs. It will highlight how companies in this space seek to improve the health and well-being of individuals who struggle to keep healthcare appointments, pick up prescriptions from pharmacies, visit grocery stores, therapists, support groups, or visit loved ones. These groups are among several companies that have developed services to close transportation gaps through strategic partnerships so that patients can successfully reach centers of care.

One byproduct of the consumerization of healthcare is the push for direct-to-consumer diagnostics. Human-centered Care will explore how this is making it easier to order tests for food sensitivity, fertility, genetics, and more, be it online or from big box stores. In one panel, executives will discuss the impact of mainstreamed home testing and the benefits (and challenges) of keeping consumers more engaged in their health.

There will also be networking events. WEGO Health will host a patient leaders’ luncheon October 29 from 12:30-2pm.

WEGO Health Awards will also be part of the HLTH conference this year. WEGO Health Awards recognize and honor those making a difference in the online health community, supporting patient leaders who are working to build a more human-centered healthcare system. Jack Barrette, WEGO Health CEO, has said it will bring the patient advocates, influencers, and healthcare collaborators to HLTH who are helping others and transforming healthcare.

Photo: triloks, Getty Images