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Interface engine’s graphical automated assembly line powers rapid integration solution

No code and no scripting approach radically simplifies interface configuration, providing organizations with the flexibility to utilize non-developers for a large percentage of their integration work.

PilotFish’s Integration Engine solution has radically simplified how healthcare integration gets done. No matter how complex, no matter what the data format, no matter what the connectivity requirements – integrations are handled each and every time utilizing the same Graphical Assembly Line process. PilotFish offers the world’s only Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line where configuration replaces coding — and where our proprietary 3-pane visual Data Mapper and drag & drop mapping replaces scripting.

Migrating your applications and data to the cloud?  Leverage PilotFish’s flexible architecture for guaranteed success every time. 

PilotFish supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing (Azure), Google Cloud Engine (GCE) and more. PilotFish configurations also natively interact with services available from each – Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage and Azure. 

Need an on-premises solution? We offer that too, black-boxed or white-labeled as well as lightweight agents that can be deployed at client sites. 

The only healthcare integration engine you’ll ever need

PilotFish has anticipated that your requirements will continue to evolve. It’s why we architected our solution to be infinitely extensible and flexible. PilotFish middleware bridges the gap between legacy and new systems, applications and devices, equipment and databases. We facilitate integrating anything to anything, anywhere to anywhere and we’ve made it easier than you ever imagined it could be. It’s one of the reasons why Capterra users have given PilotFish products 5-star ratings!

We continuously improve our products based on client input and technology drivers. Our new selectable HL7 Listener engine offers clients new message handing customization capabilities. The HL7 Validation Processor allows for delayed validations and customized routing flows to check for HL7 message variances. The result – greater data quality and saving on manual checks.  

PilotFish meets any healthcare integration requirement: 

  • HL7 V2.x (support extends to all versions)
  • HL7 V3.x
  • FHIR
  • CCDA
  • XML
  • Flat Files
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • HIPAA X12 EDI 
  • Non-HIPAA X12 EDI

Watch this 8 minute video to see the power of PilotFish.

PilotFish supports all X12 EDI transactions for clients across the healthcare ecosystem (hospitals, other provider environments, HIEs, TPAs, clearinghouses, manufacturers, suppliers, pharmacies and PBMS).

Our latest release features a new X12 EDI Validation Processor that provides an automated “sanity check” handling for imperfect EDI messages. No more processing messages that clearly do not conform and impact data quality. PilotFish’s broad X12 EDI support extends to legacy HIPAA 4010 X12 EDI table data and schemas.

Try before you buy with the industry’s longest free trial

We offer the industry’s longest free trial.  A simple download allows you to take a Test Drive with our 90-Day Free Trial. We also offer hundreds of pages of tutorials and documentation to help you with your evaluation as well as chat support if you get stuck along the way.

PilotFish offers the industry’s broadest licensing options as well, with the flexibility to meet any business requirement. With PilotFish, there are no surprise extra costs for added components, either. You simply pay per licensed server and concurrent users for our desktop IDE.

Give us a call at 813 864 8662 to set up a custom WebEx demo of PilotFish’s Integration Engine or visit our website at Healthcare.PilotFishTechnology.com

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