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Which medical device companies made the finals for INVEST Pitch Perfect?

Surgical retractor systems, catheters, minimally invasive surgery, wireless power transfer technology, microwave ablation, and jaundice treatment are among the areas the six medical device finalists cover.

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The six medical device finalists for the startup pitch contest Pitch Perfect cover surgical retractor systems, catheters, minimally invasive surgery, wireless power transfer technology, microwave ablation, and an innovative device to treat jaundice.

The INVEST Pitch Perfect contest is part of our INVEST conference April 19-23, which will be hosted online due to Covid-19. It includes five tracks for startups: biopharma, medical devices, diagnostics, health IT and health services.

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Finalists fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Raised at least $1 million; 
  • Raised a Series A round; 
  • Have at least one qualified institutional investor or strategic investor

Judges for the medical devices track include:

  • Paul McCreadie, Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Arboretum Ventures
  • Amrinder Singh, Director, Venture Capital, Medtronic
  • Rob Barmann, Partner, Endeavor Vision


Presenter: Ramon Cestero, MD (Founder and Chief Medical Officer)

Headquarters: San Antonio, TX

Advanced Surgical Retractors is dedicated to the design, development, and commercialization of innovative surgical retractor systems. Surgical retractor systems available today present various limitations, and surgeons are often forced to choose between rapid deployment and optimal exposure. ASR Systems has developed a novel surgical retractor which combines speed and functionality, resulting in improved overall performance.




Presenter: Souvik Paul (Founder)

Headquarters: Woodbury, NY

CathBuddy is developing a reusable intermittent catheter system to improve quality of life and the clinical standard of care for individuals with neurogenic bladder. The patented system will also help reduce the environmental waste generated by intermittent catheterization by 84 million pounds annually.




Presenter: Eugene Malinsky (CEO and co-founder)

Headquarters: Cleveland, OH

Indago is a biomedical company dedicated to improving the health of patients and addressing the needs of surgeons by introducing transformative products into the operating room. When launched, our first product, ArthroFree, will be the first wireless surgical camera system for use in minimally invasive surgery. Today, the state-of-the-art surgical cameras used in minimally invasive surgeries require long and cumbersome light and power cables, the use of which leads to unnecessary safety risks for patients and medical staff. ArthroFree is designed to replace current surgical cameras while being plug-and-play compatible with current operating room equipment. We anticipate receipt of FDA marketing approval in or around Q4 2021. Our second product, which is in early stages of development, will leverage the patented lighting technology that we developed for ArthroFree and enable better surgical outcomes by bringing wireless and thermally safe lighting to locations in the surgical field where it is needed.


Presenter: Michael Zilbershag (CEO)

Headquarters: Petach Tikva, Israel

Leviticus Cardio’s wireless power transfer technology, Coplanar Energy Transfer (CET), combined with an existing Ventricular Assist system, provides a new, robust, comprehensive hybrid solution for CHF patients. Leviticus FiVAD™ is wirelessly charged using an external belt along with an internal battery that lasts 6-8 .hours. Patients may expect an improved Quality of Life with Leviticus FiVAD™ because they are free from external equipment for many hours per day.






Presenter: Austin Pfannenstiel, PhD (Founder and President)

Headquarters: Manhattan, KS

Precision Microwaveis developing the next generation of precision, energy-based, medical devices capable of delivering fast, low-cost, safe, and effective minimally invasive treatment for patients with cancer and other chronic medical conditions. Our current focus is commercialization of our patent-ending directional microwave ablation (DMWA) applicator technology, which we have extensively developed through the support of National Science Foundation SBIR/STTR Phase I & II grants. We are currently heavily involved in coordinating activities with clinical expert advisors, OEMs, regulatory and quality consultants, engineering design firms, academic research partners, sales and marketing consultants, and patent attorneys to bring to market a complete, FDA-cleared, modern MWA system capable of disrupting the minimally invasive treatment market.

Presenter: Alexa Jones (CEO)

Headquarters: East Lansing, MI

TheraB Medical is a medical device company that promotes holistic jaundice treatment by keeping babies in the arms of their mother during treatment. The company is commercializing its first product, SnugLit— the only portable, wearable treatment for infant jaundice that promotes maternal-infant bonding and breastfeeding. With SnugLit, newborns will be able to undergo phototherapy using a single, easy-to-use device that covers the entire circumference of the child, as opposed to the current method of using multiple immobile devices simultaneously. SnugLit’s patented design has been developed with over 200 nurses, physicians, and parents to lead to easy and efficient treatment, in both the hospital and home.

Photo: kentoh, Getty Images