Day 2 of INVEST Precision Medicine: Life science startup pitches, biopharma software R&D, and more

Register for INVEST Precision Medicine to check out the life science track of the Pitch Perfect startup contest and hear compelling panel discussions on software supporting biopharma R&D, and the supply chain challenges of scaling production and delivering personalized therapies.

MedCity INVEST Precision Medicine brings together regional and national stakeholders across healthcare, biopharma, and medtech to discuss new developments in precision medicine, the reality on the ground, and what needs to happen for more widespread adoption and integration of these innovative technologies.

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Here’s what’s happening on Day 2 of the online conference:

Software Supporting Biopharma R&D  10:30-11:30 am ET

(Sponsored by Komodo Health)

There is a lot of activity in the area of software companies focusing on cell and gene therapy R&D. This panel will explore some of the diverse approaches companies are taking to improve efficiency and avert pitfalls in therapeutic development.

Moderator: John Reites, CEO, THREAD Research


  • Aswin Chandrakantan, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Life Sciences, Komodo Health
  • Annie Harris, Director of Technology Enablement, Covance

Biologics and the Supply Chain Ballet 1:00 pm- 2:00 pm ET
The pathway of delivering complex therapies to their destinations is peppered with pitfalls from the manufacturing process to maintaining extremely sensitive components in a controlled environment in transit. This panel will highlight how different organizations in the biopharma supply chain are addressing the inherent challenges of producing and delivering cell and gene therapies and biologics.

Moderator: Frank Vinluan, Senior Reporter, MedCity News


  • Joe DePinto, Chief Commercial Officer, Vineti
  • Jason Foster, CEO, Ori Biotech
  • Claudia Zylberberg, PhD, Founder & CEO, Akron Biotechnology

Pitch Perfect Precision Medicine Part 2: Life Sciences: 3:30-5:00 pm

Presentations by precision medicine startups and growth stage companies across diagnostics, biopharma and medtech. Three judges will hear pitches and ask questions.

The presenting companies include:

Prenome is a women’s health company focused on improving clinical outcomes with leading edge technologies in data-driven personalized medicine. Prenome’s platform enables the early identification of risks and individualized interventions to lower costs and improve outcomes across the women’s health care continuum without reliance on expensive treatments and therapeutics. The platform has been developed in collaboration with leading experts in women’s health and personalized medicine. Prenome is currently partnering with healthcare providers and payers to improve patient care by integrating the Prenome platform into routine workflow.

Nia Therapeutics is developing implantable brain stimulation device for the treatment of memory loss. Memory loss affects over 20M Americans with traumatic brain injury and degenerative disease, resulting in significant decreases in productivity and quality of life. Nia’s proprietary medical device platform utilizes brain sensing and artificial intelligence to develop a personalized therapy for each patient based upon their unique pattern of brain activity. Their technology was developed at the University of Pennsylvania with $24M in funding from DARPA and the team has demonstrated proof of concept of their ability to improve human memory in neurosurgical patients. Nia’s first clinical target is memory loss due to traumatic brain injury, a $32 billion whitespace market.

Doloromics is a spin-out from the University of Texas at Dallas. Founded in 2020, the goal of Doloromics is to identify novel drug targets for chronic pain using our proprietary DOLOReS algorithm.

SmartTab is engaged in the design, development and validation of next generation wireless drug delivery systems.  The SmartTab technology platform is a personalized wireless solution comprised of an ingestible capsule with a microprocessor, smart polymer actuator, and active ingredients.  SmartTab is on a mission to provide novel effective therapies to improve patient outcomes and compliance.

OpalGenix’s patented genotype-based opioid risk prediction and clinical decision support platform, GPS-Opioid, empowers clinicians to personalize opioid and pain management. In the U.S., 30M adult and pediatric patients are given opioids for pain relief after surgeries annually. GPS-Opioid personalizes opioid selection and dosing to maximize pain relief and minimize opioid-related safety risks and costs. OpalGenix has completed pediatric clinical studies, obtained >10 USPTO and European patent claims, and received notice of intent to fund an NIH STTR grant proposal.

The judges are:

  • Adam Dakin, Managing Director, Dreamit Ventures
  • Yizhen Dong, Partner, Global Founders Capital
  • Ben Johnson, Managing Director, Head of Early Stage Life Science, Silicon Valley Bank

Photo: Joshua Blake, Getty Images