INVEST Digital Health Pitch Perfect preview: Tech to improve payer/provider operational efficiency

Who made the finals for this INVEST Digital Health Pitch Perfect track? Read about these digital health companies and check out the virtual event from September 20-23. Register today!

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INVEST Digital Health, a conference that brings together innovative investors across the healthcare spectrum, prominent industry players and the most promising digital health startups, is scheduled for September 20-23, and held in collaboration with Medical Alley. It will be virtual this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The conference will highlight aspects of digital health from the role of digital twins in life science, remote patient monitoring reimbursement, the ethical considerations of AI in healthcare, and more in a series of panel discussions. To view the agenda, click here.

But it will also spotlight digital health startups in the Pitch Perfect contest. Judges will hear presentations and question startups across three tracks: home health, Tech to improve payer/provider operational efficiency, and chronic disease management and value-based care. A winner will be selected from each track who will be interviewed for a profile in MedCity News.

The track, Tech to improve payer/provider operational efficiency, is scheduled for Thursday, September 23 from 3:30-5:00 PM Central Time.

The judges include:

  • Naomi Fried, PhD, Managing Partner, Ambit Health Ventures
  • Brent Stackhouse, Managing Director, Mount Sinai Ventures
  • Mark Fleming, Vice President, Corporate Development, SCAN Health Plan

The finalists include:

Banjo Health is developing a prior authorization decision support platform for health plans and pharmacy benefit managers (collectively “payers”). The company leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to customize the platform to each payer’s specific prior authorization criteria. Through its integration with the provider’s electronic health records, Banjo is able to directly draw from the prescribers notes to drive accurate decisions while reducing the administrative burden on the payer’s and provider’s staff. This will effectively reduce the time-to-decision, improving member satisfaction and clinical & cost outcomes.

MedFlyt is a cloud-based web platform and mobile app that changes the way homecare agencies staff, train, and onboard caregivers to improve in-home care for patients. MedFlyt’s technology helps to facilitate and streamline operations, while also properly holding caregivers accountable for their work. Having recently won Gold in the 2020 MassChallenge HealthTech (MCHT) Accelerator Program, MedFlyt not only brings convenience to what is typically considered a time-consuming process, but helps to increase retention of caregivers and provide proper training, which often results in an advance in the level of care for patients. MedFlyt has served over 100 agencies with 120,000 active caregiver users.

Navimize features a virtual waiting room and end-to-end patient communication platform. Its unique proprietary delay prediction engine keeps patients informed in real time of schedule delays, and robust, fully automated and fully customizable messaging platform keeps patients engaged with providers throughout their journey. The company’s innovative technology integrates with existing electronic practice management systems, providing a seamless solution for customers, and fully supports new hybrid patient care models of mixed virtual and office visits through intelligent, dedicated messaging.

SOAP Health seeks to help a billion people worldwide identify early health risks when prevention and more effective, less invasive and costly intervention is practical. While 15% of all health care encounters worldwide result in a diagnostic error, in the U.S., 12 million errors, costing $750 billion a year, happen. The most common errors are missed cancers and heart disease. The National Academy of Medicine now predicts that everyone will experience a diagnostic error and the World Health Organization (WHO) considers it a key priority. SOAP aims to  improve the accuracy and completeness of highly personalized patient-reported data collection, assessment, and documentation, both scalable and clinically proven. Its application harnesses the intimacy of the human voice and the power of animation combined with the intellect of experts via a digital human that engages and entertains, while documenting complex medical answers that helps health systems and physician improve care, revenue, and productivity.

Valhalla’s marquee product is Allevia, an intelligent patient intake solution that automates clinical documentation for physicians. Powered by AI and big data, the technology performs clinician-level intake prior to patient appointments and crafts clinical note drafts directly in the health record, leading to time savings and additional revenue.

Wellsheet is a unique and comprehensive workflow support tool that reshapes the core EHR experience for clinicians by aggregating disparate information in an easily digestible format. Wellsheet gives clinicians the ability to understand what needs to be done for the patient without having to compromise the provider-patient interaction. The patented analytics and machine learning that drive the Wellsheet backend are powered by millions of patient encounters, and refined by every interaction the provider has with the product. This breadth allows us to provide personalized experience, patient by patient, agnostic to specialty.

Picture: kentoh, Getty Images