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Edge Impulse’s Edge ML Series: Explore How to Deploy Advanced Edge ML at Scale

Invite-only, in-person event series for industry leaders like you. Join us to uncover product and ML innovation with our guests and speakers.

Attention all digital health professionals! An exciting opportunity is coming your way. Edge Impulse is bringing its Edge ML Series to major cities around the world, continuing with Chicago on April 25th, followed by Munich on April 27th, London on May 17th, and Boston on May 18th.

This invite-only, in-person event is designed to help you explore the benefits of edge machine learning and learn how to differentiate your products with embedded intelligence. You will also discover how to deliver value in less time while lowering operational costs using AI tools such as Edge Impulse.

Hear from industry leaders and participate in hands-on workshops to gain deeper insights into deploying ML solutions at scale. Plus, you will have the chance to network with peers, see live demos, and stay ahead of the latest trends in the fast-growing field.

Even if you cannot make it to any of these upcoming cities, you can still opt-in to receive notifications about future locations. Request your free invite today. You won’t want to miss it!