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How Can Hospitals Improve Strategic Planning and Problem Solving?

In an upcoming webinar, learn how informed awareness can help hospitals overcome their most challenging operational challenges to simultaneously improve efficiency, staff engagement and satisfaction, quality of care, and profitability.

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As hospitals wrestle with the myriad challenges they face to balance the needs of clinicians, patients, and operations management, the time is ripe for a new approach to strategic thinking and problem solving. Most hospitals are familiar with situational awareness. It provides basic awareness, but leaves decision-makers with an only limited understanding of issues and a reactive approach to resolving them. For example, if an emergency department has a severe backup of patients, situational awareness might suggest a problem within the ED or with inpatient bed availability, but what’s happening in those areas is only a symptom of a larger issue.  With informed awareness, the hospital is equipped with the right processes and tools to understand the full nature of the issue and what actions to take to fix or prevent it.  Care Logistics believes that hospitals and health systems need informed awareness to bridge the gap between realization of the problem and the solution, so they can be empowered to navigate challenges with confidence and foresight.  In a webinar scheduled for November 9 at 1 PM ET, sponsored by Care Logistics, company SVP of Client Development Shelia Sherwood speaks with Mary Washington Healthcare Executive Vice President, COO, and Chief Medical Officer Christopher Newman, MD, MBA about how informed awareness can be applied to hospitals to help them achieve operational, clinical, and strategic goals.
Tune into the webinar which will discuss how informed awareness can be used to:
  • Identify and address operational performance priorities such as quality, safety, patient satisfaction, finance, and community health
  • Achieve operational efficiency by resolving flow, capacity, and other issues
  • Identify actionable recommendations to prevent operational bottlenecks
  • Prevent care delivery friction and increase quality of care
  • Improve profitability 
  • Facilitate strong staff engagement and satisfaction
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