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Solera Health Introduces New Platform To Reduce Point Solution Fatigue

Solera Health recently launched HALO, a platform that allows payers and employers to manage both Solera point solution partners and non-Solera point solutions in one place.

The rise of digital health brought with it point solution fatigue as many employers and insurance carriers attempt to juggle multiple solutions at once. Recognizing this issue, Solera Health launched a new platform last week called HALO that helps customers manage all of their contracted point solutions in one place rather than individually. Phoenix, Arizona-based Solera Health is a digital health company that works with payers and employers to help match members and employees with a variety of point solutions.

“There are lots of employee benefits, but it’s not streamlined, it’s confusing,” said Mary Langowski, CEO of Solera Health, in an interview. “There are a ton of different entry points for the employees and it’s not accountable. It’s not transparent. … HALO is in response to that.”

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Some of Solera Health‘s vendor partners include WeightWatchers for weight management, Sword Health for musculoskeletal conditions and Headspace for mental health. 

However, some employers and carriers want to work with Solera’s network of point solutions while also keeping some of their own contracted technologies. HALO allows customers to manage both Solera and non-Solera solutions in a single location. The platform also simplifies navigating benefits for the employee or member by allowing them to access their benefits through one web-based interface. The HALO platform will ask members questions to understand what kind of care they need, and then will direct them to the correct point solution, whether it’s part of Solera’s network or not, Langowski said.

“We’re asking them a series of questions and if they’re low severity, they’re going to be in a low severity solution versus a high severity or high acuity solution. That saves clinical dollars right off the bat,” Langowski said.

In addition, the HALO platform provides employer and insurer customers with reporting on how the point solutions are performing for their employees and members. To be able to report on outside vendor performance, it obtains agreements from vendors or through the payer or employer using the HALO platform.

“[Customers] have a sense of, is this working? Is all this investment paying off or not paying off? Where do I need to make adjustments?” said Langowski, emphasizing the value of this reporting mechanism.

In launching HALO, Solera Health hopes to “meet market demand” and make sure it’s supporting employers and payers, she added.

Other organizations that help employers manage point solutions include Accolade and Quantum Health, which also have a network of digital health vendors and help employees get directed to the care they need.

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