6 Women’s Health Startups You Should Get to Know

These health tech companies focused on the consumer and self-insured employer market will take part in the MedCity INVEST Pitch Perfect contest May 21-22 in Chicago. Register today!

Women’s health is the theme for the MedCity INVEST healthcare startup pitch contest track focused on Consumer/ Employer healthcare. The Pitch Perfect contest is the centerpiece of the boutique healthcare investor conference, which is scheduled for May 21-22 at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago.

Space is limited so register today!

Moderated by MedCity News Reporter Marissa Plescia, the pitch track’s judges include:

Carli Sapir, Founding Partner, Amboy Street Ventures, a venture capital fund devoted to women’s health and sexual well-being for all genders.

Samir Batra, Managing Partner of HIP, an early-stage healthcare only focused venture capital fund.

 The six health tech companies selected for the contest include:

GoNo Food Finder is a health tech company that developed an app with a recommendation engine. It scans product labels and determines which foods are good or bad for an individual’s medical conditions and wellness goals. The app uses unbiased, third-party, peer-reviewed medical studies to grade food ingredients and is delivered by API to enterprises and to consumers.

Coologics developed a medical device designed to treat vaginal yeast and bacterial infections. The device is inserted like a tampon and uses time-controlled cooling that treats the infection, stops symptoms, promotes the microbiome and pH, and breaks up biofilms. Biofilms can make the infections hard to treat. The FDA has recommended the device as a Breakthrough Class II Device. A larger clinical trial will be needed for FDA approval. 

Estringenex Therapeutics develops and commercializes first-in-class therapeutics to treat and prevent hot flashes and dementia in post-menopausal women without the risks of breast cancer and stroke associated with traditional hormone replacement therapy.

Mother’s Milk Is Best’s mission is to bring more of the benefits of the mother’s own milk to pre-term babies.​ To that end, the company is developing a point-of-care human milk concentration device that is designed to increase the ability to use the mother’s own milk instead of other fortification processes.   

NOMA AI has developed an AI platform for healthcare using deep tech and machine learning to analyze multimodal medical data and help clinical teams proactively identify risks and detect complications. Its lead product targets maternal hemorrhage — a leading cause of maternal mortality and morbidity. It is developing technology to monitor and detect excessive bleeding. This will allow healthcare providers to intervene early and prevent complications, ultimately saving lives and reducing healthcare costs.

Marma addresses a critical gap in maternal health by providing personalized nutritional guidance throughout fertility, pregnancy, and after. Marma offers advice, recipes, symptom tracking, and an interactive community.