Four Innovative Canadian Medtech Startups to Watch at MedCity INVEST

The group of four healthcare startups spans women’s health, orthopedics, remote patient monitoring for Parkinson’s disease, AI, and 3D printing. David Kereiakes, Managing Partner, Windham Venture Partners will moderate the session.

At the upcoming MedCity INVEST, an innovative boutique healthcare investment conference scheduled for May 21-22 at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Chicago, a snapshot of the Canadian healthcare startup landscape will be on display. Four innovative companies will present their approaches to addressing pain points in healthcare. The session is sponsored by the Consulate General of Canada.

The group of four healthcare startups spans women’s health, orthopedics, remote patient monitoring for Parkinson’s disease and AI and 3D printing. David Kereiakes, Windham Venture Partners Managing Partner, will moderate the session.

FemTherapeutics is a medical device company developing “Invisalign for Gynecology”. Leveraging artificial intelligence and 3D printing, the gynecology platform offers patient-specific intra-vaginal devices for common pelvic health conditions. The first product is a custom pessary for the management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Stress Urinary Incontinence, which affects 50% of women during their lifetime. FemTherapeutics is building the infrastructure to allow expansion into other pelvic health categories including menstruation and sexual wellness, labor and delivery, oncology, and more.

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Reach Orthopaedics has developed a shoulder implant to treat patients suffering from massive irreparable rotator cuff tears (MIRCT). The Reach implant is designed to restore shoulder function, reduce chronic pain and protect the acromion from associated stress fractures. Currently, there is no standard of care for middle-aged persons (40-70 years) suffering from MIRCT. The durability of the Reach implant makes it ideal for use in this demographic, providing a bridge solution. 

PragmaClin Research is aiming to change the world of neurological care with a remote patient monitoring system called PRIMS. The platform uses depth cameras alongside patient-reported data to revolutionize the accuracy and efficiency of Parkinson’s disease diagnostics and monitoring. PRIMS is designed to seamlessly integrate into clinical workflows and offers neurologists and healthcare providers a comprehensive solution for evaluating motor and non-motor symptoms. Its patient-centric approach not only enhances diagnostic precision but also supports patients with valuable insights into their condition, fostering a proactive stance in disease management. By bridging the gap between traditional assessments and cutting-edge technology, PRIMS is setting a new standard in neurological care, ensuring patients receive timely, tailored, and transformative treatment strategies.

OPTT Health is a technology company that uses AI and patient narratives as its main source of analysis to generate actionable clinical insights. These insights support mental health care teams in delivering personalized, data-driven, and evidence-based care, enabling continuous monitoring and informed decision-making throughout the patient’s care journey.