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Aging in Place: An “Old” Idea, New Again

The population of the United States is aging. According to the census bureau those 65 and over will grow from a bit more than 40 million (14% of the population) to almost 70 million by 2030 (20% of the populations). Multiple surveys confirm that this population wants to age in place and independently, where they […]

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Bundoo: Helping Expecting and Current Parents

According to the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital report “Sick kids, struggling parents” nearly two-thirds of parents of young children in child care say their children could not attend [school] because of illness in the past year and one-third of parents of young children are concerned about losing jobs or losing pay when taking off work […]

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Privacy & Healthcare

I’ve been thinking of privacy and healthcare recently. So, like any good nerd, I went to and looked at their data on Breaches Affecting 500 or More Individuals as required by the HITECH Act. The table there lists 647 entities involving 22,554,728 people. That’s a lot! And with online exchanges scheduled to launch Oct. […]


The Healthcare Cost Fallacy

There was just another article about how a simple, relatively low cost intervention saved a huge medical cost. This one which appeared in the Washington Post Wonkblog repeated the story about Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber explaining how a $200 air conditioner installed in a heart failure patient could save $50,000 in hospitalization. Another intervention focuses […]

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Safety and Efficacy in mHealth

Haptique just released their long awaited released its final standards for testing and certifying mobile health apps. While it represents a good start I was disappointed that it doesn’t do more. Haptique wants to help “healthcare providers and consumers easily identify medical, health and fitness apps that deliver credible content, contain safeguards for user data […]