Anshul Mangal and John Khoury

Anshul Mangal is a biotech entrepreneur, experienced executive, board member, philanthropist and attorney. He is the President of Project Farma ("PF") and Precision for Medicine's Manufacturing Solutions. He is also a board member at the Alliance for Regenerative Medicines, Alliance for mRNA Medicines and IQHQ. Anshul founded and steered PF to become a prominent global consultancy specializing in biologics and advanced therapy engineering with 200+ professionals. Under Anshul's guidance, PF pioneered the industrialization of groundbreaking therapeutics, including some of the earliest commercially approved cell and gene therapies, radioligand treatments, RNA-based therapies, and cutting-edge biologics. Anshul's commitment to advancing next-generation medicines extends past PF to various boards and philanthropic organizations, including IQHQ, Alliance for Regenerative Medicines, Alliance for mRNA Medicines, Institute for Life Changing Medicines and several patient-advocacy organizations. Before his tenure at PF, Anshul was an attorney and founded several digital agencies.

John Khoury is an Executive Vice President at Project Farma. He is a 20+ year veteran and leader in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry. As a member of the Project Farma and Precision for Medicine leadership teams, John has spearheaded the firm’s growth in the gene and cell therapy space. He has led and provided strategy on key partner initiatives including make vs. buy analysis, site and vendor selection, tech transfer execution strategies, and facility start-ups.  In addition to his experience in advanced therapies, John has extensive experience with small and large molecules including biologics and biosimilars. Over the past four years, he has led facility builds totaling over $500MM. During this time, he has worked with small and large biotech and pharmaceutical companies including gene and cell therapy startups and CMOs/CROs.

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