Alon Singer and David Steinmiller

Dr. Alon Singer, PhD, founder and CEO of HelixBind, earned his PhD in Biomedical Engineering/Biophysics at Boston University and has an extensive background in developing automated fluidic assays utilizing artificial nucleic acids. Dr. Singer established market requirements for HelixBind’s product offering and created the technology suite to meet them, raised financing, and assembled a team of leading scientists, engineers, clinical partners, and investors to develop and bring this platform to market. He has fifteen scientific publications and has developed fourteen inventions. Dr. Singer was previously employed at TissueVision leading New Products Development.

David Steinmiller, HelixBind CBO, previously founded Claros Diagnostics, where he led development of a POC platform consisting of a desktop Analyzer and disposable fluidic cassettes capable of performing lab quality immunoassays from finger-stick blood. Mr. Steinmiller earned his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Claros was acquired by OPKO Health, where Mr. Steinmiller served as COO of OPKO Dx. Previously he served as Director of Engineering at Eos Biotechnology where he developed a novel high-throughput DNA synthesis instrument and led a team from invention to acquisition (by Life Technologies).

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