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What happened to my family doctor?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine. He is (was) a solo practitioner in New York. He is a Pulmonologist / Internist. 5 years ago he started his own practice, getting away from a group practice. I have to mention, he’s my family doctor also. He was skeptical but entrepreneurial. Suddenly he […]

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How often should you communicate with your Clients?

Sprint has an app for my smartphone called ‘Sprint Zone’. I frequently get push notifications from the app. Early on, I found they were promoting a deal or an app that I was not interested in. I started ignoring the notification completely. This went on for several years. I’m happy with Sprint overall, nothing against them. This […]

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They get the leads, We’re better, but They won.

Throughout history we see good products lose, You may have a better product, great people, excellent infrastructure, but the competitor seems to get the most attention and traffic. Why is that? Why doesn’t the world get it? ‘Their’ software won. They won because they were there. They never thought for a moment that they might […]

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Un-Marketing your EHR

EHR Companies hire me to help increase leads, Period. Isn’t that the goal of marketing? Leads can be increased in so many different ways. The fundamental aspect of this is to create awareness of your company, brand and product. The challenge of course is to do this with a limited budget, limited resources and existing […]

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Buying an EHR vs. Signing up for EHR

Sounds like the same thing. Yet there is a subtle difference that can lead to success or failure. Buying an EHR software is a one-time transaction. Behind this thinking lies the logic – ‘get this over with’ Whereas, Signing up for EHR indicates a journey that says, ‘let’s get started’. Buy an EHR Software EHR […]

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EHR Marketing and Social Media

I’ve been asked so many times – We are an EHR company, what should our Social Media strategy be? My answer is very simple – for an Ambulatory EHR vendor, the impact o your earnings is really nothing. Any amount of activity on Facebook or Twitter does not yield any new revenue. Even if it […]

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Heartbleed security vulnerability, healthcare IT and EHR systems

My son sent me a very detailed email that is so important I had to share it. Those of you who are tech savvy will have read about this, but for those of you haven’t read about it, please pay attention, as this is extremely important. On or about April 7, 2014, security researchers found a dangerous vulnerability […]


Small is Beautiful

It has been a while since I’ve seen a blog post that was so short yet, so powerful that it made me think and I spend more time on this short blog than any other – in a long time. So, here is that blog from Seth Godin. Pay attention to the line – “Surprise […]

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US Healthcare – Ayn Rand is relevant even today.

When I re-visited Ayn Rand recently I realized the relevance of her writing with respect to US Healthcare. Those struggling with trying to fix it, know what I am talking about. “When you know that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing, when you see that money is flowing […]

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Lessons Learnt from Obamacare HIT Website for EHR Implementation

The Obamacare HIT Website noise has reached a deafening level. So much, that news media had dedicated special sections to this. I don’t know what the issues really are, perhaps it will take a long time to figure that out. What matter though is the implication and perception. Because, this is what can make or […]

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The Psychology of Free – as in Free EMR

People love Free Stuff. There is nothing not to like about it, of course, barring some catches, strings and so on. We like the idea of Free but remain skeptical – ‘Why is it free; what is the catch?’ Why is it Free? What’s in it for them? Is there a hidden catch? Is it […]