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Hearing Loss Linked to Increased Risk of Death

Hearing loss may be more than frustrating millions of older adults, but it may also signal a greater risk of death, according to the results of a new study. Adults ages 70 years or older with moderate or more severe hearing impairment have a 54% increased risk of all causes of death, as compared to […]

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Laser tool can diagnose malaria in seconds, study finds

Laser technology to diagnose malaria — one of the world’s deadliest diseases — succeeded in early trials. Rice University researchers tested an experimental laser device that can diagnose malaria in a few seconds. The ultra-rapid diagnostic may offer substantial cost savings in global efforts to combat malaria . The study has been published in the […]


New Ebola death in Liberia, officals urge citizens not to panic

A 17-year-old boy has died of Ebola in Liberia, officials announced. This is distressing news for the country, which had been declared Ebola free in May. Deputy health minister Tolbert Nyenswah said tests confirmed that the teenager from Nedowein village, which is near the international airport, had died of the disease on Wednesday, as reported […]

PRIDE study on LGBTQ health in U.S. began this week

Researchers from University of California San Francisco announced  this week the launch of what will be a landmark study to understand the health of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) living in the United States. The Population Research in Identity and Disparities for Equality, or PRIDE, Study is meant to understand health […]

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Pessimism on Research Careers and Grant Funding Grows

After the federal shutdown is resolved, the NIH will continue to award grant funding for this fiscal year. However, pessimism grows among researchers about their chances for grants in fiscal year 2014. The past year has been difficult for many academic researchers in medicine. After the sequester, many labs experienced a cut in their approved […]

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Patient navigation may boost cancer survival, study finds

Helping people access doctors may save more lives from cancer is the conclusion of a study released today. George Washington researchers published results of a study that found patient navigation sped the diagnosis of breast cancer. The results indicate that patient navigation is meeting its purpose to help patients more quickly receive their cancer diagnosis […]

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Suicide is on the rise while solutions remain elusive

Suicide is now the leading cause of death by injury in the United States, surpassing motor vehicle accidents as reported by the American Journal of Public Health. In an analysis of data from 2000 to 2009, researchers found that motor vehicle mortality has declined by 25%, whereas suicide deaths increased by 15%. Government agencies that […]

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CDC says high blood pressure is a public enemy in U.S.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported on Tuesday in the weekly Mortality and Morbidity Report  that 67 million people in the United States have high blood pressure and 36 million people of have uncontrolled high blood pressure. During a telebriefing about the report held yesterday, CDC Director, Dr. Tom Frieden made remarks and […]

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New data on trastuzumab emtansine (T-DM1) from EMILIA Phase III trial

Genentech, a member of the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche (SIX: RO, ROG; OTCQX: RHHBY), today announced updated results from the Phase III EMILIA study, which showed that trastuzumab emtansine (T-DM1) significantly improved overall and progression-free survival of people with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer compared to the combination of lapatinib and Roche’s Xeloda® (capecitabine). Breast cancer […]

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Troubled state budgets unable to meet the AIDS crisis

Yesterday, the Illinois Lottery Commission and the state’s Department of Public Health announced the rebirth of “Red Ribbon Cash,” an instant game lottery, which will raise an estimated $1 million for local HIV prevention services. This story illustrates one of the many strategies to offset the states’ shrinking budgets for fiscal year 2013. HIV prevention […]

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Truvada benefits out of reach for many with HIV

Debates raged at the 19th International AIDS Conference was held Washington, DC from July 22 to 27, on the latest news in HIV prevention and treatment research. The conference was the first held in the United States since 1990 due to the lifting of the ban on HIV travel in 2010. The choice of location […]