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When doctors need a second opinion, it may not come from a human

Long Island dermatologist Kavita Mariwalla knows well how to treat acne, burns and rashes. But when a patient came in with a potentially disfiguring case of bullous pemphigoid—a rare skin condition that causes large, watery blisters—she was stumped.  The medication doctors usually prescribe for the autoimmune disorder wasn’t available. So she logged in to Modernizing […]

Startups make on-demand and concierge healthcare reasonable for the rest of us

Grand Rounds is one of many healthcare startups bringing on-demand, concierge-like services once reserved for the ultra-rich to the middle class - similar to what tech outfits like Google, Amazon, Uber, and Lyft have done for personal shopping and transportation. These budding companies offer basic access to medical advice, appointments and other assistance. Some operate regionally, others nationally. Their services and prices vary substantially—but all aim to fill gaps in the existing health care system, in part by using the Internet.


Checking for cavities while never seeing the dentist’s office (VIDEO)

Inside a South Los Angeles classroom filled with plastic dinosaurs, building blocks, stuffed animals and Dr. Seuss books, Mireya Rodriguez counts Hendryk Vaquero’s teeth and looks for cavities. At just 4 years old, he already has nine stainless steel crowns and multiple fillings, and his gums show signs of inflammation and infection. Since a check-up […]

Health IT

Big data healthcare: The pros and cons of remote patient monitoring

Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist at the Scripps Clinic in San Diego, knows when his patients’ hearts are racing or their blood pressure is on the rise, even if they’re sitting at home. With high-risk patients hooked up to “personal data trackers” — a portable electrocardiogram built into a smartphone case, for instance — he and […]


Dental services are coming back for California’s low-income adults

Jennifer Guintini was 23 when her teeth started falling out. A habit of sipping on Mountain Dew all day − and later, a seven-year addiction to methamphetamine − caused her teeth to rot away. “Any time I ate or drank anything, it would be a stabbing pain,” recalls Guintini, an unemployed gas station worker. Without […]


Ex-Microsoft exec brings lists & whiteboard to overhaul of Obamacare website

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Kurt DelBene’s office is on the sixth floor of the fortress-like Department of Health and Human Services, overlooking the Capitol reflecting pool. With little but a desk, a small laptop, and monitor, it looks barren, like someone just moved out. But DelBene, a longtime Microsoft executive, moved in six weeks ago. He […]

No bueno: Many Spanish speakers in America left behind in first wave of Obamacare

EAST PALO ALTO, Calif. − In Silicon Valley, the executives and engineers who’ve helped build the Apple, Google and Facebook empires earn high salaries and enjoy a slew of perks, including stellar health benefits. The clients of the Ravenswood Family Health Center, a community clinic in East Palo Alto just two miles away from Facebook’s […]