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Five differences between consumer and patient sensor technologies

The technology industry has been buzzing of late because of the big players entering the wearable sensor market. We are very familiar with Misfit, Nike’s Fuelband and the Fitbit for some time. Others investing into the sector include Intel, Microsoft,  Apple and Samsung. There is no doubt that the inertia for fitness trackers is undergoing […]

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Five signs the medical apps industry is maturing

There are now over 13,000 health, fitness, and medical apps available. In a previous post I discussed “Five creative and necessary ways of getting medical apps adopted.” Specifically they were incorporating medical apps in informatics, utilization in schools for health education, government initiatives regarding digital technologies, medical apps in EHR clinical decision support tools, and […]

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Companies selling these 5 technologies should like the Obamacare ruling

The SCOTUS decision regarding the ACA will bring millions of more covered lives into the healthcare system.  There is no debate that this will significantly increase the cost of healthcare.  This creates a more pressing need for cost-saving technologies. In a previous post I discussed ways in which the SCOTUS decision on healthcare reform would […]