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Looking ahead: Medical imaging innovation in 2015

The year 2014 saw tremendous advances in health care, with medical imaging filling gaps in medical knowledge and enhancing patient care. Looking ahead, innovation in imaging technology will continue to improve patient care through even more tailored diagnosis and treatment, increased efficiency and portability, and improved health outcomes. Moreover, millions of seniors stand to benefit […]

Better breast cancer screening: How innovation is replacing the one-size-fits-all approach

According to The National Breast Cancer Foundation, 98 percent of breast cancer patients survive – if detection occurs early. Since the late 1960s, traditional mammography has been used widely for breast cancer detection. The future of breast cancer care, however, lies in even earlier detection and individually tailored diagnosis and treatment, and imaging manufacturers are […]

Advances in medical imaging allow the scan to fit the patient

The future of medicine lies in treatments that are tailored to individual patients’ needs. This approach directs the appropriate care to each patient and maximizes healthcare outcomes. Today, “precision” medicine is a growing movement that utilizes information about an individual’s biology to personalize healthcare decision making. Advanced medical imaging has emerged as an important complement […]