Imamu “Mu” Tomlinson

Imamu “Mu” Tomlinson, MD, MBA, is the Chief Executive Officer of Vituity and President of the Vituity Cares Foundation. Before becoming CEO in 2017, he served as Vituity's President. Dr. Tomlinson also leads the Vituity Cares Foundation, which works to improve community health by addressing the inequity and inequality that lead to poorer health outcomes. Vituity Cares seeks to remedy the lack of representation among healthcare clinicians perpetuating these disparities.

He is a passionate advocate for healthcare justice and welcomes opportunities to raise awareness about healthcare inequities and inspire executives, clinicians, and the public to act. He is a leading influencer in a paradigm shift that extends care beyond the hospital walls and into the communities that need it most. He is the author of Manical Fantacism: Success Slightly Different.

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