James L. Chen

James L Chen, MD is the Senior Vice President for Oncology Informatics at Tempus. He is a recognized expert in rare cancers/sarcomas and a translational bioinformatician. In addition, Dr. Chen is an Associate Professor, with a dual appointment in Medical Oncology and in Biomedical Informatics, at The Ohio State University (OSU). He is the former Clinical/Research Informatics Medical Director for the James Cancer Hospital has chaired the Translational Bioinformatics group for the ALLIANCE clinical trials group. During his tenure as the chair of the ASCO Health IT Task Force, he named and led the initial development of the mCODE (minimal clinical oncology data element) standards initiative. He has served as Principal Investigator for several investigator-initiated rare disease trials and has over 60 peer reviewed publications. At OSU, he has trained multiple generations of bioinformaticians as course director for their translational bioinformatics graduate courses. Dr. Chen completed his undergraduate training at Harvard University and oncology training at the University of Chicago.

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