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Dr. Joseph Clark is a professor of neurology at the University of Cincinnati and the author of My Ambulance Education. He writes regularly at Josephfclark.com.

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Mayo Clinic site’s information disappointing, incomplete

I teach classes on doing literature searches and how to filter out bad information compared to good information on the web. There are a lot of great intellectual resources out there such as the national library of medicine and pubmed (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ & http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/). I warn people against relying too much on resources such as Wikipedia. […]

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Inside the NIH grant review process (aka. Catch 22)

I recently had the dubious distinction to participate in and serve on an National Institutes of Health grant review called and NIH study section. I’ve done this before and have reviewed lots of grants over the years, but there have been a lot of changes recently and it is a whole new experience that is […]

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A patient’s case for human experimentation

I received a heart breaking email recently. Frankly it made me cry. There are a lot of patient confidentiality details I must withhold but it is worth expressing this story. A care giver emailed me concerning a loved one he/she is taking care of (for ease of reading, this person will be female and the […]

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Federal research grants: More strings than bank bailouts

The federal government is spending a lot of time and effort on a federal bailout or stimulus package. Some of this stimulus package money is going to medical research. Over $10 billion is allotted to the National Institutes of Health to fund medical research projects. This money is grant funding that is being done by […]

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Style over substance in medical research

I went to college for nine years to obtain a bachelors, masters and Ph.D. I am very proud of those accomplishments and completely embrace the moniker geek. I love doing cutting edge research and teaching the next generation of ‘geeks.’ The problem is that with my education I did not learn how to market or […]

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How many deaths prove a drug is significantly unsafe?

So a clinical trial designed to study safety shows that a treatment produces significantly more death and survivable complications is presented to a group of people with several hundred patients. In the group with no treatment there was a 25% complication rate and with the group getting treatment there was a 75% complication rate. However, […]

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President Obama: Save the geeks

I think President Obama needs to present a state of the sciences in the union address. Yes, of course, I’m biased in this subject, but times are desperate. I work in a university hospital and train physicians and scientists at the cutting edge of technology. What we do is discover new ways to diagnose brain […]

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The cost of death

I was in a meeting recently talking about ways to justify and validate my research. My research is concerning the causes, diagnosis and treatment of neurologic disorders such as stroke and traumatic brain injury. While I think that is important and that the government and people should be throwing money at me to do this […]

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Lost generation of scientists

Stimulus money hasn't delivered enough to medical researchers and the country is losing a generation of medical researchers because of it, writes Dr. Joseph Clark. "My career has stopped being about doing science and is now a life of begging for money, with the education of future scientists sadly becoming a very low priority. Burgeoning scientists see this as students and realize there is no future for them."