Dr. Jacquelyn Stone

Dr Jacquelyn Stone, MD, is a practicing OB-GYN with Maven, the leading women's and family digital health company. Maven offers three core elements of quality healthcare through their virtual clinic: Care Advocates who advocate for members throughout their experience, on-demand access to the largest custom network of women's and family health providers in over 20 specialties via video chat or messaging and a community of providers offering information, expert support and resources. Maven also works with companies to offer custom programs that support every path to parenthood including: egg freezing, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, pediatrics, adoption, surrogacy, return-to-work, breast milk shipping, and reimbursement management. Dr. Stone has thirteen years of clinical experience in obstetrics and gynecology and holds a B.S. in Psychology from Vanderbilt University and a M.D. from Medical College of Georgia.

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