Dr. Lauge Farnaes

Dr. Lauge Farnaes is Head of Medical Affairs at IDbyDNA, the company revolutionizing the use of metagenomics to improve health by decoding the unknown. IDbyDNA and Illumina, Inc. (Nasdaq: ILMN) recently co-launched a Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Target Enrichment Panel for Research Use Only that aims to accelerate and improve testing for infectious diseases. The panel targets more than 280 pathogens and can also detect genes associated with antimicrobial resistance markers, providing insight into how the misuse of antimicrobials can lead to antibiotic resistance.

Dr. Farnaes is board certified in pediatrics, pediatric infectious disease and Pediatric hematology and oncology. He works as an attending physician in the division of pediatric infectious disease at UCSD/Rady children’s hospital. Dr Farnaes did pioneering work in the cost effectiveness of rapid whole genome sequencing for critically ill children and is now working on creating similar evidence for the broad deployment of rapid infectious disease testing using next generation sequencing technology.

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