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Max Cohen is the Co-founder and CEO of Sprinter Health, a California-based company that sends phlebotomists and nurses (“Sprinters”) into homes to collect data on patients that providers use to make care decisions. Prior to founding Sprinter Health, Max was VP of Mobile at Oculus, and continued to lead various Virtual Reality programs after the acquisition by Facebook. Before Oculus, Max was on the Product team at Google in Los Angeles, worked at McKinsey, and Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works. Max has a BSE in Electrical Engineering and a BS in Physics from Duke University, as well as an MBA from Harvard Business School. The son of an Oncologist (who led the GBMC Cancer Center for many years), Max merges an understanding of building technology at scale with humility to find ways that move healthcare forward.

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When getting healthcare in the home makes sense

Where home care can really shine is within value-based care arrangements. Finding out someone has hypertension early can lead to medication that reduces the likelihood of heart failure, and paying for an in-home checkup is well worth the expense for the overall savings it can confer to whoever has payment responsibility.