Meena Mallipeddi

With a mission to improve access to great healthcare, Meena Mallipeedi started AmplifyMD, a leading telehealth company, to address the critical shortage of specialists across a wide variety of care. Of the 6000 hospitals in the US, over 50% have clinical specialty shortages in three or more critical areas and over 90% have shortages in at least one. With 1/3 of hospital visits requiring a specialty consult, AmplifyMD's telehealth platform actively fills the void of infectious disease, pulmonology, hematology/oncology, cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, nephrology specialists that has cost the healthcare system over $17B annually and hard hit hospitals improve care locally.

Under Meena's leadership, AmplifyMD's arsenal of dedicated doctors have made a significant impact on patients, clinics and medical facilities - lessening readmission rates, transfer rates, treating complex cases, supporting staffing shortages, helping patients to avoid unnecessary tests and treatments, reducing wait times, and more by providing access to specialists whenever and wherever they need it.

Prior to starting AmplifyMD, Meena was at Bain and is a graduate of Stanford University.

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Save Someone’s Life in 5 Minutes or Let Them Die in 30?

In Pickens County, Alabama, cardiac arrests are now treated differently. Instead of immediately transporting patients, local EMS now work cardiac arrests in the field for 30 minutes; if there’s no change, they call it a "death in the field" because they know they cannot get the patient to a hospital in time for life-saving care. Why? Hospital closures now mean there's no hospital nearby.