Marina Record

Marina Record is an Investment Manager at the Baillie Gifford Health Innovation Fund. She joined Baillie Gifford in 2008 as a portfolio analyst. Marina worked in a number of global teams at Baillie Gifford before joining Long Term Global Growth, where she focused on analyzing companies with the potential for sustained rapid growth. It was here that Marina developed an interest in healthcare, intrigued by the accelerating pace of progress in the field. She joined the Baillie Gifford Health Innovation team in January 2018 as a Portfolio Manager, to fully focus her attention on exploring the potential consequences of such progress and how Baillie Gifford can help. Marina graduated from the London School of Economics and the Higher School of Economics in Russia with Bachelor of Science degrees in Banking and Finance and in Economics, having studied in these programs simultaneously.

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A Dose of Innovation

As gene sequencing, machine learning, powerful imaging, sensors, gene and cell therapies make their way out of academic labs into everyday healthcare, our approach to healthcare is changing. For the first time, not only can we pinpoint the molecular and genetic causes of disease, but we also have the technologies to access them. On the back of this, prevention and cures are becoming possible. Can we afford them?