Ofir Farchy

Ofir Farchy is the CTO and co-founder of Lynx.MD. Ofir is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in cybersecurity, data science, genomics, and health technologies. As CTO Ofir leads the strategic development of the Lynx.MD platform with a strong focus on ensuring the privacy and security of all data interactions within the platform. Before co-founding Lynx.MD Ofir was CTO and co-founder of Emedgene, the world’s first completely automated genetic interpretation platform. Prior to that he was founder and CTO of doXai and held strategic positions at Taykey. Ofir is a graduate of the Technion where he studied software engineering after which he continued his studies in the field of natural language processing and sentiment analysis at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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It’s Time for Healthcare Orgs to Get Serious About Data Governance

Instead of pushing data out into the world, it’s possible to invite selected partners into trusted data environments where they can safely harness your data — without ever directly viewing your datasets. Though not designed for clinical care functions, having records safely sequestered in a trusted data environment can help organizations to restore compromised data systems more rapidly.