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Compassion for Cancer Patients? Best Look Overseas

There was a time in this country when “European-style healthcare” served as a cautionary tale. Today it is beginning to look like something to envy. Future generations wishing to identify the moment the shift took place should look to December 16, 2010. That was the day the FDA ruled to deny American breast cancer patients […]

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New federal medical technology rules aren’t a ‘HIT’

Can health information technology transform the healthcare system? With an expansive, multi-year plan to digitally overhaul the nation’s medical records systems, the federal government is betting it can. But doctors aren’t so sure. Most see value in digital recordkeeping. But many are also worried that the government’s efforts could undermine the doctor-patient relationship by forcing […]


Private practice doctors: Another Obamacare casualty?

Healthcare reform is not going to help the dwindling number of doctor private practices in the United States. On the contrary, "Obamacare" and efforts like the health IT act are going to help fuel the decline to private practices and increase the power of major health systems.