ChartSpan is giving the manila folder a real run for its money

South Carolina-based mobile health startup ChartSpan Medical Technologies would like you to quit wasting so much paper. Although recycling and avoiding waste is obviously important for environmental reasons, for ChartSpan this is more about giving patients a way to store, manage and transport health records (from many providers and sources) in a comprehensive way. Its way […]

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Mobile patient record app developer ChartSpan raises $1.7M

South Carolina mobile health startup ChartSpan Medical Technologies today said it has raised $1.7 million, bringing the total amount of capital raised to $3 million. The startup has developed a mobile patient medical record for iOS that seeks to help patients better manage their own health information. Last December, the company said its application was […]

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Why Medical Records Should Be Digital And Easily Accessible?

My Medical Records and My Doctor’s Office For the longest time our medical records resided in a top secret folder doctors kept in giant file cabinets behind the nurse’s desk and usually seemed reluctant to share with us. If you dared ask for a copy of your records you got an agitated look from the […]