circulating tumor cells

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It’s time to integrate liquid biopsy into colorectal cancer treatment decision-making

Since it measures the total amount of circulating DNA (ctDNA) in a patient’s bloodstream using a simple blood draw, ctDNA liquid biopsy tests offers oncologists with an accurate, molecular, real-time cancer detection tool. It also helps to determine cancer staging and can help assess how aggressive the treatment regimen should be.

Celgene invests in startup that measures residual cancer cells to test a drug’s efficacy

Celgene just made an equity investment Bay Area-based Sequenta, a biotech that’s developing a minimal residual disease test for blood cancer. The startup’s ClonoSight platform senses the remaining cancerous cells in a person’s blood stream after they’ve received radiation, surgery or chemotherapy – indicating whether or not a treatment has been successful, the company said. It […]