Ebola quarantine

Ebola Watch: Kaci Hickox speaks her mind

Kaci Hickox has been through a lot since she refused the requested at-home quarantine for 21-days, even though she tested negative for Ebola, and later having a judge rule in her favor. But just because that allotted monitoring time for the virus ends today, it doesn’t mean she and her boyfriend aren’t still subjected to judgement […]

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Ebola Watch: North Carolina man tests negative after brief panic

The waves of panic and relief continue today as more news on the Ebola front is released. This morning a currently unidentified North Carolina man has tested negative for Ebola after returning from Liberia on Friday and reporting a fever on Sunday. He was taken to Duke University Hospital and will be tested again in […]

Ebola Watch: Kaci Hickox can still ride her bike

Court rules on Ebola quarantine case for nurse Kaci Hickox in Maine http://t.co/kKjwrrLVET pic.twitter.com/rNSBXGTx3z — CBS News Health (@CBSHealth) October 31, 2014 District Court Chief Judge Charles LaVerdiere in Maine has concluded that previously requested Ebola quarantine regulations for nurse Kaci Hickox, including restrictions from being less than 3 feet from another person, weren’t warranted. He […]

Ebola Watch: Kaci Hickox won’t back down

Thankfully we aren’t getting reports of any newly infect Ebola victims today, but some of the legal ramifications and complications with the current crisis are making headlines. Maine health commissioner Mary Mayhew said late Wednesday afternoon that, even as it continues talks with Hickox’s representatives, the state is in the process of filing a court […]

Ebola Watch: When do quarantine regulations go overboard?

Kaci Hickox was the first person to undergo the mandatory 21-day quarantine issued by governors of New York and New Jersey when she arrived back to the U.S. on Friday after treating patients for Ebola in Sierra Leone. She’s not happy about it. In fact, she’s taking actions to argue it conflicts with her constitutional […]