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EMR Replacement – Top 5 Signs That You Must Not Ignore

  EMR systems need substantial investment, and with the technology expanding and the rules changing, most users know they will need to replace theirs eventually. A 2013 survey by Black Book confirms that 81 percent of practices accept that their initial installation will become antiquated. Of those who indicated an upgrade was inevitable, most said […]

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EHR and Big Data

Healthcare has gone through a monumental change within the last few years. Today, there is a different air about care organizations. With a clear goal in sight, the industry has a motive to change. Healthcare must look beyond closed walls as it moves toward population health management. Health IT has given a purpose and has […]

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EMR – Inducing the Culture of Accountability

Medical practitioners are frequently entrusted with clinical decisions that have a major impact on patient mortality and livelihood, which is why there is no margin for clinical errors or mistakes under any circumstances. Physicians must uphold their trust by maintaining care delivery standards and ensuring compliance with best practice guidelines. The quest for healthcare accountability […]


EMR Solutions — Brains before Beauty

I had an opportunity to connect with an old colleague and play catch up. It was interesting to hear about some of his experiences as a Health IT consultant. Keith Smith has been working independently for the last couple of years, helping physicians with EMR implementation and selection. Although regional extension centers are bad for […]

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Physicians Adopting but Not Using EMRs Meaningfully

Recent findings state that while a number of physicians in California have to adopted EMRs; use is limited and in most cases does not meet the requirements set forth by the federal government. The research conducted by the University of San Francisco in conjunction with the state board and California Department of Health Care Services […]

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The Influence of Health IT and EHRs

The healthcare IT industry has gone through a dramatic change over the last few years. While much of it is attributable to the government’s relentless support and backing of EHR adoption, the uptake and reception by medical practitioners has been far more encouraging than anticipated. Physicians are not in any way the technological pariahs they […]