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ReSound hopes to push hearing aids into the 21st Century

Harvey Fletcher, a scientist at Bell Laboratories, is widely credited with inventing the electric hearing aid -- a cumbersome, body-worn device that debuted in the 1930s. Eighty years later, ReSound in Bloomington, Minnesota, is trying to solve a problem that has eluded decades of innovation: reconcile the problematic device with ordinary life, 21st Century-style.


Envoy Medical Corp. to raise $16.5M

Fresh from winning regulatory approval for its Esteem hearing device, Envoy Medical Corp. is seeking $16.5 million from the sale of equity, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company, based in White Bear Township, Minn., has so far raised $330,000. In March, the Food and Drug Administration approved Envoy’s Esteem […]

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FDA approves Esteem hearing device

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Envoy Medical Corp.’s Esteem technology, the first fully implantable device to treat hearing loss in the United States. “The approval of Esteem provides patients with an option to alleviate their hearing loss by using a device with no readily visible external components,” Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, director of the […]