Could we eventually communicate by essentially reading minds?

The opportunities for what we can discover and create with science and technology are vast, but this video is a perfect example of how it can be not only astonishingly profound, it can be pretty touching. Neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis was the person behind the brain-controlled exoskeleton the gave a paralyzed man the ability to kick […]

Ekso Bionics gets $23M to ramp up development of robotic exoskeletons

Bay Area-based Ekso Bionics has developed a wearable bionic suit that’s meant to give those with mobility problems a little more spring in their step: Its exoskeleton, approved by the FDA, is meant to help the paralyzed or semi-paralyzed “walk” with a typical gait. The publicly traded company has been developing robotic exoskeletons, or “wearable robots,” as it […]