9 Hot Takes from JPM24

I didn’t make it to this year’s J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, so I reached out to leaders from across the industry to hear how it went and learn about their takeaways from the event. This is a list of the nine most interesting responses that I received.

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Digital Health’s H1 Funding Landscape: Slimmer Checks, Fewer Deals & a Smaller Investor Pool

The digital health sector has entered a new era when it comes to funding, and startups in this space must quickly adjust to an investment landscape that is characterized by lower check sizes, fewer deals and smaller cohort of investors. If things continue at the pace the sector has maintained throughout the first half of the year, 2023 will mark the field's lowest yearly fundraising total since 2019, according to a new report.

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Digital Health Funding Steadied in Q1 After a Year of Decline

Global funding for digital health companies finally stabilized in Q1 of this year. The sector raised $3.4 billion — this marks the first time the digital health world didn’t experience a quarter-over-quarter funding decline since Q4 of 2021. By holding steady, digital health startups defied the dwindling fundraising totals seen across the broader venture capital landscape, where funding dropped by 13% quarter-over-quarter.

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Zus Health Snags $40M, Strikes Partnership with Elation Health

Zus Health — Jonathan Bush's health data platform that provides patient information at the point of care — recently closed a $40 million funding round. It also announced a partnership with Elation Health, a company that sells its EHR and other technology solutions to primary care providers. Elation will be integrating Zus' API into its own data collaboration systems.

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Which Digital Health Startups Are Most & Least Suited to Raise Capital in 2023?

Last year’s digital health investment trends have left some startups feeling uneasy about their ability to raise capital in the new funding environment. Venture capitalists think companies that have a demonstrable return on investment and serve multiple stakeholders will probably have the easiest time securing capital, while point solutions and startups in crowded markets will face a tougher environment.

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Why 1 VC is Fed Up with the Concept of Digital Health Unicorns

There are currently 97 global digital health companies that are considered unicorns. But getting caught up with the idea of digital health unicorns isn’t very sustainable, according to Emilly Melton, managing partner at Threshold Ventures. Instead of focusing too much on their valuations, she recommended that startups simply focus on getting the capital they need in order to reach the next stage of inflection.