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On Twitter: Who are the most social media-savvy scientists in health care?

(Note – the dearth of women in this list’s been noticed by enough people that the hashtag #WomenTweetScienceToo is taking off. Check this blog out from The Conversation, too: “Women Scientists Get Vocal About Top Billing On Twitter) Science Magazine recently posted a list of the top 50 scientists on Twitter. Here are the top social media-savvy thinkers […]

California payer one of 9 healthcare companies on RedHerring Top 100 list

SeeChange Health has won a Red Herring Top 100 North America Award. The award recognizes private companies from North America for innovation and new technology in their respective industries. SeeChange Health offers Health Insurance and Health Solutions while encouraging people to keep an active role in managing their health. In addition to paying customers’ medical bills, […]

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Certified EMR — What You Should Know?

Given the amount of publicly available information on Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and the government’s support in promoting their use, physicians all across the US are well educated about the idea of EMRs. However, the concept of certified EMR seems to be vague for some physicians. Unfortunately, a handful of physicians have limited knowledge about […]