hospital infections

How about this obnoxious germ alarm as a reminder for workers to wash their hands?

Safeguard, Procter & Gamble’s largest global personal care brand, has created a seriously loud handwashing reminder in a bid to keep people using public bathrooms from spreading so many germs. It’s a soap dispenser rigged with an alarm. Pressure sensors placed on doors connect back to the dispenser/alarm, and when someone tries to open the […]

Devices & Diagnostics

Researchers unlock clues to using “immune fingerprints” to diagnose bacterial infections

Scientists in Wales have potentially uncovered a new way to quickly identify bacterial infections using clues given off by a patient’s so-called immune fingerprint. Working with chronic kidney disease patients who acquired infections during dialysis, researchers at Cardiff University’s School of Medicine in the UK showed proof-of-concept that a person’s “immune fingerprint” reflected which organism […]