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Stem cells to transplant in the brain: Stealth UCSF spinout Neurona Therapeutics raises $7.6M

A UCSF spinout is growing neuronal stem cells to transplant into the brain, for potential use in treating epilepsy, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease – and investors are listening. Because one thing that differentiates Neurona Therapeutics is that its stem cells turn exclusively into interneuron cells – which are less likely to be tumorigenic than other IPS cells. […]

SQZBiotech’s cell-squeezing could be a better way to reprogram cells

Scientists are recognizing the power of transmogrifying cells to do their bidding. Heck, we recently found that heart cells can be reprogrammed into “pacemaker cells” through gene therapy. But it can still be a quandary to figure out an efficient way of inserting the necessary transformative materials into the cell. Cambridge startup SQZ Biotech has a slick, vector-free […]