Jerry Seinfeld

Snip snip to save the planet – It’s World Vasectomy Day

Seinfeld was always on the cutting edge. Festivus was a cherished¬†(or debatable) holiday for the gang, but if the writters¬†had only known about World Vasectomy Day back in 1996 when this season 8 episode aired, it could have been celebrated even more. Dr. Doug Stein, a Tampa-based vasectomist, co-founded World Vasectomy Day, and today marks […]

Jerry Seinfeld on the autism spectrum?

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld says he has learned more about autism in recent years. It turns out, as he revealed in a NBC’s “Nightly News” segment Thursday with Brian Williams, he thinks he might be on the spectrum. Williams asked him to explain why he thinks that might be the case. “Basic social engagement is really […]