Lilly Ventures

Ex-Genzyme CEO’s new company looks to rare diseases for insight into treating Parkinson’s

Scientists suspect there’s a connection between many common neurodegenerative diseases and malfunctioning lysosomes, or processing centers in human cells that break down proteins and eliminate debris. Now a new company called Lysosomal Therapeutics is tapping into the relationship between the two to discover and develop new treatments for rare diseases and common neurodegenerative diseases, starting […]


Pharma startup led by Lilly Ventures execs raises $4.6 million

A recently formed, Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company is in the middle of a $15 million equity offering, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing made last week. Esanex Inc.’s principal place of business is listed as the office of Lilly Ventures, the venture capital firm that spun out of Eli Lilly and Co. in 2009 […]


Eli Lilly spins out Lilly Ventures, establishes $200 million fund

The move is a trend that's happened to several pharmaceutical-based funds, which used to pick its start ups to secure product rights. Now, though, those dollars are used to keep up on new technologies and make money. Lilly Ventures in its old form couldn't take profits from investments because Lilly's compensation policies did not permit it.