Liquidia Technologies


Why nanotech will eclipse biotech in size and scope: a CEO’s perspective

Nanotechnology products from Liquidia Technologies will first find their way to most Americans in medicine. The company’s proprietary method of making nanoparticles enables targeted drug delivery of medicines and vaccines. While Liquidia CEO Neal Fowler believes the technology will transform drug delivery around the world, he says his Research Triangle Park, North Carolina company sees […]


Nanotechnology firm Liquidia partners with PATH on new pneumonia vaccine

North Carolina nanotechnology company Liquidia Technologies is partnering with nonprofit organization PATH to develop a new pneumonia vaccine that could be deployed globally. Research Triangle Park-based Liquidia is working with PATH to conduct preclinical studies on a “next-generation” pneumococcal vaccine that could be more effective than existing vaccines and more efficient to produce. Financial terms […]


North Carolina nanotechnology: the big future of working small

North Carolina’s nanotechnology presence doesn’t immediately come to mind when thinking of the country’s biggest nanotech hubs, a skeptic of the industry recently told me. In a way, he’s right, at least right now. Nanotechnology has found a comfortable home in manufacturing and industrial applications that were developed primarily at tech hubs in other parts […]