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I-Q Corridor is the stuff of dreamers. Oh, but what a dream!

Ever heard of the I-Q Corridor? Unless you’re an economic development geek, probably not. The concept, first penned in a little-noticed Wisconsin Technology Council white paper, envisions an economic superhighway of sorts connecting the Twin Cities, Madison, Wis. and Chicago along interstates 90 and 94. The “I” stands for ideas, innovation, investment, intellectual property while […]


Minnesota seeks its own “Third Frontier”

Fresh from passing a landmark angel investor tax credit, Minnesota lawmakers are advancing a bill that would, in time, radically alter high-tech economic development  in the state by concentrating authority in a single public-private entity. The proposed Minnesota Science and Technology Authority, modeled after programs like Third Frontier in Ohio and The Ben Franklin Technology […]


Former Pawlenty aide now university champion. Not as weird as you think.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and the state’s top research university are not exactly close allies. At The Collaborative’s annual venture capital conference last year, Pawlenty criticized the University of Minnesota for being unfriendly to business just minutes before  university spin-outs were to pitch investors. University sources say Dan McElroy, commissioner for the Department of Employment […]