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Five ways hospitals are using the iPad

For hospitals, Apple’s iPad tablet computer is about much more than checking and updating electronic health records. Some hospitals develop their own iPad apps for patients and staff, but even for those that don’t, there are a growing number of apps aimed at helping healthcare professionals better care for and communicate with their patients. With […]

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Mayo Clinic’s healthcare social media conference (in tweets)

What would a healthcare social media conference be without excessive amounts of social media sharing? Mayo Clinic wrapped up its Social Media Summit earlier this week, but participants are still adding to the five-figures worth of tweets sent out over the social networking tool Twitter. The tweets are a mix of camaraderie, live coverage, advice, […]

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Five questions with Mayo Clinic social media chief Lee Aase

Attendance at this year’s Health Care Social Media Summit, which kicked off Monday and continues through Wednesday at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has more than doubled from last year. And many of the summit’s 375 attendees have been keeping the Twitter stream #mayoregan flowing with something like 100 tweets an hour today. That’s because […]

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Healthcare social media: Five tips for growing hospital blog traffic

Not all hospital blogs are created equally. The less-useful hospital blogs appear little more than an afterthought, marketing ploys with less-than-compelling content that are updated infrequently, attracting few readers and doing little to advance hospitals’ objectives. To be clear, hospital blog posts that run into the millions of page views are rare and unlikely. But […]

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First Google+. Now Mayo Clinic launches a (healthcare) Facebook

Mayo Clinic has built its own Facebook. Don’t think of Mayo’s social network like Google+, another freshly launched direct challenger to Facebook. Instead, the healthcare titan launched its own patient-focused social network partly because it wants more control. Control over the look to keep the interface consistent. Control over the content to make it more […]

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Mayo Clinic v. WebMD: Have standards suddenly changed?

New York Times columnist Virginia Heffernan suggests a new standard for online health information: that advice directly from reputable health systems beats third-party reporting coupled with a review, particularly when there is a greater financial motive behind the latter approach. Such a change would mean that health systems, which lost some of its influence for health information before the Internet revolution, would suddenly regain mindshare they lost to the Web and the WebMD's of the world.

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Mayo Clinic names 17 members to social media advisory board

Mayo Clinic's Center for Social Media named 17 members Wednesday to its advisory board, which will help draft industry guidelines and best practices for using social media to improve health care. Mayo launched the social media center last summer with the goal of helping the health care community improve care through the use of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


Mayo Clinic launches global social media initiative

Mayo Clinic said Tuesday that it's taking its social media push overseas. The non-profit research and hospital group, based in Rochester, Minnesota, launched the Social Media Health Network, an international group that promotes the use of social media tools like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to promote health, fight disease and improve healthcare around the world.

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Mayo Clinic looks to train other hospitals in social-media use

Mayo Clinic has created a social media center that will train other hospitals in the use of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Mayo is billing the new venture as “a first-of-its-kind social media center focused on healthcare,” according to a statement from Rochester, Minnesota-based Mayo. Mayo has proven itself to be perhaps […]