MedCity MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum

MedCity News’ investor conference has a new name (MedCity INVEST)

The conversation at the MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum earlier this week was all about change: the new business model of healthcare; new investment approaches from venture debt to venture philanthropy; new dynamics in the angel and venture relationship; new opportunities like big data and genomics; and much more. Like healthcare itself, the conference continues to […]

Paul Keckley on holes in the healthcare system – and his $77K knee

As he climbed to the stage, Paul Keckley – who predicts a sort of “Occupy Healthcare” movement thanks to rising pharma and hospital costs – tested out his $77,000 knee. Keckley, a policy analyst and managing director of the Navigant Center for Healthcare Research and Policy Analysis, spoke at this week’s Mid-America Healthcare Venture Forum in Chicago on some of […]

Payers offer peek at transformation behind the scenes

Healthcare insurers are seeing an unprecedented amount of change in their sector following the implementation of ACA. As payers are forced to balance a shift to a more consumer-focused business with adopting technologies that will help them deal with the added risk of members with pre-existing conditions, it’s prompting them to work with early stage […]

Wisconsin siRNA startup networking and needs $8M – as you can plainly see

Best name badge at #MHVF – who can help? — coppedge (@coppedge) March 10, 2015 This isn’t the first time a startup’s broadcasted its funding needs at a conference – but a lack of originality doesn’t meant it won’t draw eyes. Wisconsin oncology startup Peptimed definitely got some attention at this week’s Mid-America Healthcare Venture Forum in […]

Security company sees biometrics as one solution to prescription drug abuse

A security company wants to tackle the $55 billion cost of prescription drug abuse market using biometrics. Rx DrugSAFE is applying its technology to safely store prescription medications in lock boxes to prevent unintentional overdoses, particularly among teens. In an interview with Rx DrugSAFE principal Lorraine Yarde at the MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum, she said […]

The American Heart Association’s strategic forays into business

In this era of venture philanthropy, nonprofits like the American Heart Association have a reach that extends far past basic fundraising and grant-doling. AHA CEO Nancy Brown outlined the organization’s strategic expansion plans at MedCity’s Mid-America Healthcare Venture Forum this week in Chicago. The AHA’s new Science and Technology Accelerator, for instance, is one of the organization’s […]

Symbiosis and sparring between venture capitalists and angel investors #MHVF

Venture capitalists and angel investors have been stepping on one another’s toes when it comes to life sciences funding. Angels are expanding beyond the seed round, participating in Series A’s, follow-ons and later deals. And venture capitalists are now more likely to invest where angels have seeded and thus derisked. “Risk is always smaller in hindsight,” said […]

Big Pharma: Risk takers or risk averse? #MHVF

Is big pharma risk averse? Quintessence Biosciences President and COO Laura Strong argued that, particularly with all the layoffs happening in big pharma R&D, innovation comes from outside to mitigate much of the early risk. And that good science just doesn’t always equal a commercially viable product. “For potential dealmakers, you’re dealing with Wall Street’s perception of […]

Biogen idec explores use of wearables to track MS patient activity

As part of an effort by Biogen idec to explore ways to use wearables with MS patients to help physicians quantify patient activity, it recently completed a study of 250 patients in collaboration with PatientsLikeMe, Naomi Fried, vice president of medial information and innovation at Biogen, referenced the study as part of a keynote presentation […]