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Awesome or awful? Backpack makes IVs more portable

I have only been in the hospital twice (knock on wood) when I had my two sons. I’ve never had to drag an IV pole around with me (crossing all my fingers and toes that my luck continues) so I can’t tell if this new design is good or goofy. I am all about ergonomics […]

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Medical device design: Startup with dynamic material to make prosthetics fit better, quicker

Benevolent Technologies for Health (BeTH), a two-year old Boston materials startup, is focusing on medical device design to bring patients with lower limb loss customizable interface for their prosthetics. The company’s material is “jammable,” which basically means it can take on any shape. In the world of prosthetics, that means sockets, liners or inserts to adjust to the […]

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Device startups get it: It’s the design, stupid!

People living with chronic health conditions were the first ones to jump on the design bandwagon. In 2009, Amy Tenderich of Diabetes Mine started an annual design contest for insulin pumps. She wanted one that looked more like an iPod than a clunky, ugly medical device. Tenderich went to the best source of ideas for […]

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Device design: Wearable diabetic neuropathy pain management system strives for simplicity

When Massachusetts-based Neurometrix (NURO) created a wearable device for pain management for patients suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN), founder and CEO Shai Gozani knew usability was key. More than a quarter of diabetic patients must cope with DPN, a burning, stabbing, acute pain, usually in the legs and feet, Gozani said. The Sensus, NURO’s nerve-stimulator […]

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Atlanta medical device company lands $11M to launch smart materials orthopedics technology

MedShape, Inc., an Atlanta, Ga.-based medical device company, announced it closed an $11 million funding round that will go toward a full-market launch of the Eclipse Soft Tissue Anchor. The product, made from proprietary thermoplastic, is a shape-memory, soft-tissue repair device that allows surgeons to attach tendons, ligaments or soft tissue to bone. Its shape both […]

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3D printed fingers, hearing aids disguised as glasses are the coolest parts of an international student design contest

A student design contest spanning 18 countries drew some fascinating, and some obscure, ideas for new medical technology. The James Dyson Foundation offers a total of $150,000 to finalists in its design contest, which encourages engineering and design university students and recent graduates to “design something that solves a problem.” The international winner will be […]

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A healthcare design primer: 5 cool articles that will help you get up to speed

Interested in how design improves life? Check out these three articles to get a handle on how human-centered design could rock healthcare. 1. “Designing Social Networks for Young Behavorial Healthcare Patients” I love this. At  Healthcare Design Magazine, how inviting, home-like interiors and shared creative spaces meet teens’ developmental needs at substance-abuse facilities. 2. “Healthcare […]