Medication Therapy Management

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The $3 billion wasted drop in the well

We have long known that improvements in medication adherence are the longest lever available to impact wasteful healthcare spending in the United States. We know further that improvements in adherence affect both sides of the value equation in the right direction: improving outcomes and reducing costs. When news broke recently that $3 billion is wasted […]

New research project designed to help people living with IBD manage their meds

Curant Health is launching a study with the  Meyerhoff Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to test how well counseling from pharmacists can improve the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. The study will compare medication therapy management to standard care in a large university hospital setting. Project “A.L.I.V.E” (Adherence […]


The case for medication therapy management: A win-win-win solution

As the healthcare landscape continues to move toward team-based care, pharmacists are playing a significant role in improving patient outcomes. One of the most important ways pharmacists can take an active role is by providing Medication Therapy Management (MTM). Uncovering the benefits For patients, a Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) conducted during an MTM consultation provides […]